1. Any participation in this service will constitute acceptance of this agreement, and agree to be bound by the terms and provisions herein.

2. I agree to disclose my personal information including my M-PESA transactions. By clicking on the allow button during registration, you agree to have the app continuously access your Mpesa messages stored in your phone for the purpose of giving you better loan terms.

3. That the information I have provided is true.

4. I accept the payment methods that enable me to use this service and to repay my loan within a maximum of one month.

5. I agree with the payment processing methods of the company.

6. I am fully aware of the refund policy and agree to the repayment interest as well as a 1% penalty fee on a daily basis after my loan becomes overdue.

7. I agree to be civil while communicating with Okolea staff and that any form of insults will lead to legal action.

8. That In the event I default to repay my loan, legal action shall be instituted against me.

9. That the lender reserves the right to change the agreement, and notify the lendee of the said changes.

10. Any complaints about the services shall be sent to its support team support@okolea-international.com or 0720178775. Each case will be looked at individually.

11. When accepting the terms and conditions herein, I consent to let the okolea loans App access my CRB status.

12. That, the CRB information acquired by the app shall be privy to internal analysis and shall not be shared with a third party.