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How to Apply for a Loan on Your Phone

By February 2, 2018 2 Comments
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Financial access has seen tremendous changes with the invention of mobile money transfer. Now more than ever before millions of people have mobile wallets on their phones. Banking as they say is no longer the place you go, rather its done where you are. Banks are now investing more on servers and online security than they are on brick and mortar.
Your future convention branch therefore will be your phone. With this developments lending is also shifting to loads of loan forms to a simple click on a banking app or anything app for that matter.
Here we look at the various mobile apps that allow you to borrow money with a simple click of a button provided you are registered and you are a customer of a mobile money

What You Need
1.A working mobile line registered with a mobile money service.
2.Some transaction history
3.A Clean credit score

The Procedure
Go to Google play store
Search for one of the following ‘Okolea’


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