We were the 1st to integrate Mpesa payment to app in the lending industry allowing customers to pay for loans without leaving the app.


We were the 1st to Introduce multiple loans facility which allows customers to have three loans at a time but within an approved limit. This has since been taken up by leading banks and Telcos in Kenya.


We were the 1st to offer our customers the option to disburse loans directly to their bank accounts.


Integrated two CRBs into system our system allowing us to benefit from extensive financial data and also to list clients positively and negatively.


We reduced interest for our customers allowing customers looking for short term loans to borrow from as low as 5%.


Got nominated as the leading digital apps in Kenya in Digital Inclusion Awards 2018.


We were nominated in Financial Inclusion Awards 2019, for the most preferred no-banking platform, fastest growing no-banking platform and most promising non-banking loan platform.